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Gastronomical ramblings

Chicken souvlaki

J wanted Greek cuisine on his birthday, so Greek he got. However it wasn’t as simple as looking up a restaurant online and then making our way there because his birthday falls on New Year’s Day. Not to the same extent as Christmas Day, but New Year’s Day is another one of those days in the year where there is diddly squat open for business. After an hour of looking up restaurants online and making phone calls (only to be put through to an answering machine/voicemail), we gave up and I made my way to Coles to buy the necessary ingredients to whip up a basic souvlaki.

Sliced up chicken breast, lemon and mixed herbs.

Sizzle sizzle in the fry pan.

Chicken, tick.

Into the oven went some pita bread and it was grilled for 5 minutes, until warm and slightly crisp on the outside. Added on the lettuce, sliced cucumber, red onion, tomato, Kalamata olives and feta cubes. The final touch: a dollop of tatziki sauce.

It was very easy and quick to whip up. And although I was sure that it wasn’t on the same level as the foods served in an actual Greek restaurant, it seemed to quell J’s cravings for Greek cuisine.