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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Tsubu Bar

Something amazing happened on this day. For the first time in 2011, the whole lab ate at somewhere else that was NOT ‘the club’. Not that there was anything wrong with eating there all the time, but a little change every now and then is nice. We originally were vying for a table at the pub (Prince Alfred) but it was likely that most of the university’s population had the same idea, because there were no available tables. Onto plan B: head back to ‘the club’. BUT the others leading the way had a change of mind and instead we found ourselves at Tsubu Bar. And that is the story of how we ended up at a lunch venue that was not ‘the club’.

It was a warm day and we sat in the beer garden; a very cool and shady area thanks to this HUGE tree.  

Dr. K’s fish of the day. 

From appearance, I would say this dish looked very fresh and light, good to eat on a warm day. Dr. K thought it was good but hardly worth the somewhat expensive price tag. 

The boss’ (also referred to by fellow lab members as ‘SGMBU’) soy and ginger chicken - grilled chicken thigh marinated in soy and ginger served with julienne vegetables and steamed rice. 

With the added rice to the dish, this looked a little more substantial than the fish dish. In regards to taste, the boss did not give much away. 

N’s and C.mac’s Japanese beef curry - slow braised beef with carrots and potatoes in a Japanese curry sauce served with steam rice. 

No, they didn’t share the one bowl! Just ordered the same dish. This is the first time I’ve seen what the curry looks like and it doesn’t look very appetising. N mentioned that the curry wasn’t the best and the portion was way too little. 

JP’s Okonomiyaki - grilled vegetarian pancake consisting of cabbage, carrot and spring onion dressed with a sweet sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. 

Omelette with prawn and vegetable on rice.

This omelette was quite large and the number of eggs that went into the making of this was probably more than the number I typically consume in one week. It was a super fluffy omelette and well-seasoned. Underneath, the prawns and the vegetables were quite fresh and had a flavouring that went hand in hand with the eggs.

Close up shot of the omelette. What pretty colours!

Overall: The consensus amongst the group appeared to be that the portions were not worth the price. I quite liked my omelette and while I thought the fresh ingredients taste was hovering between good and great, paying almost $15 for an omelette is a little steep indeed. With the meals at ‘the club’ costing over less than half the prices at Tsubu, it’s probably safe to assume that the lab members won’t be itching to come back any time soon. 

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Building 1888 University of Melbourne, 

Gate 6 Swanston St,

Parkville, Victoria, 3010.