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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Shark Fin Keysborough

Once upon a rainy Saturday, I ventured over to the east side and found myself with my uncle’s family and mum at Shark Fin Keysborough for an Asian banquet dinner. Personally, I love me an Asian banquet dinner. It always means one of oysters or crab/lobster with noodles. And on the more fortunate occasions, both. 

A snap shot of the interior. As soon as I pulled out my phone, my mum rolled her eyes. “Always with the camera, taking photos of food… tsk!” 

Complimentary soup. From what I could see, there were lotus roots, carrots, beef and other ingredients. The ‘sweet’ taste was a clear indicator that the soup had been simmering away for quite some time, soaking in the flavours from the meat. Either that or it was a heap of MSG. 

Half a dozen oysters with XO sauce and half a dozen with ginger and green onion. 

These oysters were HUGE. And fresh. Well as far as I can tell, there was no odour. Mmmm oysters. I couldn’t tell you which one was better because they were both so delicious.  

Some seafood dish with silky tofu, prawns, calamari and mushrooms.

Sorry, the menu was in chinese and vietnamese so there was no english description. This is one of my cousin’s favourite dishes so we always order one of these when we come. While I am also a big fan of silky tofu, it’s hard to stomach a lot because it’s quite heavy. Works out anyway because there were other dishes to pick at.

Beef with gai lan, mushrooms and carrots. 

This one is a favourite amongst the adults. It’s not too bad. I eat it so I don’t feel as guilty about the other… less healthy dishes. The beef meat was very soft and tender but did leave a faint beef aftertaste. That after taste aside, this dish taste quite fresh and flavours were very light on the palate. Some restaurants over-salt their Asian greens but this wasn’t the case here. 

Deep fried salt and pepper tofu. 

This was by far my favourite dish other than the oysters. I kept going in for more, trying to justify doing so by the fact it was healthy. But my mind knew it was not. Covered in that batter, any healthy that was in the tofu would have been outdone by a mile. Ignoring the healthy debate, the outside was truly crunchy and crisp. The inside was surprisingly soft and silky, especially because this tofu was different to the silky egg tofu. It was not too salty and there was a perfect balance of pepper and chilli. 

On another note, this dish was also another favourite amongst the adults so that meant I didn’t end up stuffing myself with tofu, even if I had wanted to. The inner healthy was relieved I’m sure…

Duck, coated with taro puff. 

I like taro puffs at yum cha. I also like peking duck. But I was very hesitant to even look at this dish given that individually they are both already quite unhealthy. A bigger but, my relatives are very insistent when it comes to food, so of course I ended up being given a piece. My uncle did not offer, he did not ask, he just picked up a piece with his chopsticks and chucked it straight into my bowl. 

The taro was good, the puff wasn’t as crisp as you get at yumcha (probably because there was so much of it). 

And underneath on the other side, there was still the duck skin. Oily with a substantial fat layer. It went straight from my bowl to the napkin and eventually to the bin I suppose. 

For just over $105 for the five of us, it was great value for money. Oysters AND four other dishes (all of which were delicious), two take away boxes and five filled and satisfied patrons. It’s worth the drive out over to the east. 

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