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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Squires Loft The Grill Room

It seems my carnivorous friends thehouseofem and chugasm are frequently in hunt for a good piece of steak. Once upon a Saturday, thehouseofem was served a steak that was not to her liking. And then on the very next day, it was time for steak the sequel, with fingers crossed the new was indeed improved. Thehouseofem wasn’t going to chance it this time so off we went to the highly reputable Squires Loft, a mere 5 minutes drive from chugasm’s South Melbourne apartment. 

We arrived at about 6.30pm and the place was virtually empty. It was a different story when we were leaving the restaurant, almost every table was filled.

Complimentary bread and butter. It would have tasted better if the bread had been warm. 

Some red wine to go with steak. I hear it’s a nice combination but my wine palate isn’t quite there yet so I wouldn’t know. 

Rib Eye on the bone, with chips and creamy garlic sauce. (for chugasm)

Chicken breast fillet, with a baked potato and mushroom sauce.

Give me a piece of chicken over steak any day! I was slightly disappointed when they brought this out as the dish looked quite… sparse… Where’s the veges or the salads? The chicken also looked mediocre. But what this dish lacked in regards to appearance, it more than made up for in taste. Unbeknown to the human eye but instantly discernible by taste is the very aromatic herbed flavouring, like no other I have tasted before. The chicken itself was done just right: no burnt bits on the exterior and with a TENDER interior. Not a dry bit of chicken! I could have probably eaten this alone WITHOUT the mushroom sauce!! BUT, combined with the just-as-tasty mushroom sauce, it’s not hard to forgive the boring appearance. 

While the chicken was in-croy-a-ble, the same cannot be said for the baked potato. I was trying my best not to undo all the work from a 7km run so I settled for a baked potato instead of chips. In regards to my taste buds, it was the wrong decision to make. The potato tasted super plain. It was literally a potato that had been wrapped in foil and then chucked into the oven. No herbs, seasoning or sauce. I suppose the mushroom sauce I had ordered with the chicken helped a little but I wasn’t willing to use up a lot of it on the potato. I had already figured it was a lost cause. 

Porterhouse steak, with chips and mushroom creamy garlic sauce. (for thehouseofem)

Susper also got the porterhouse with chips and Danish blue cheese sauce. 

I think it’s safe to assume that all were happy with their steaks because we didn’t end up at another steak joint the next day. Oh and for those rare chicken-over-steak-lovers out there, their chicken was also pretty good. 

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Squires Loft The Grill Room

(St. Kilda Rd Towers)

1 Queens Road,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3004.