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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Ebi Fine Foods

Hidden away in the little streets of West Footscray is yet another well-received restaurant that can be easily missed. Disguised as a typical take away shop, the establishment actually offers some good quality Japanese food that can give some of the bigger names in the Japanese restaurant business a run for their money. 

'Just' a typical-looking take away store. Or so you think. If it weren't for susper's cheap eats guide, we would have never come across the restaurant.

Spot the losers/thehouseofem and susper. 

Green tea. Love the cups!

Crab croquette - creamy crab potato and corn with Japanese barbecue sauce. 

Just like every other croquette you come across in many Japanese restaurants - light and crispy on the other side, creamy and delicious on the inside. $2.50 a pop.

Veggie balls - vegetarian version of an Osaka street snack.

The description didn’t give much away. These tasted just like takoyaki balls but BETTER, because I don’t like octopus or squid or whatever chewy seafood they use in takoyaki balls (I’m pretty sure I recall seeing a tentacle in one). But I digress. Back to the veggie balls, they were packed with flavour. And despite to crab croquettes tasting great, the veggie balls tasted heaps better! Shocked? I was when the other two had already started on the veggie balls and I was still mid way through the crab croquette. 

Them: “It’s soo goood! Better than the croquette!”

Me: (with croquette in mouth) “Really?! But I already have so much awesome in my mouth? How can it possibly be better?!”

It was better. 

We had to split the last one up between three because is was THAT tasty. 

Wagyu Beef Bento - beef fed with sesame and ponzu sauce.

Prawn Bento - King prawns done many ways.

Close up of the prawns. When they say many ways, the literally mean it. Or 5 different variations anyway. That still is many. 

Susper and I both ordered the prawn bento while thehouseofem picked the wagyu beef and we were all happy and stuffed (like takoyaki!) by the end of our meal. Again, the quality of the taste was on par with any other Japanese restaurant. The tempura prawn definitely tasted like the crispier tempuras you get from other restaurants and the “non Japanese” selections could fit right in. 

Highly recommended if you enjoy great quality and tasting food and a decent price. Oh and great location if you’re a west sider around the Footscray area, ie. Susper!

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Ebi Fine Foods

18A Essex St,

Footscray, Victoria, 3011.