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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Sapa Hills

I decided to let J decide on dinner one Friday night and it came as no surprise that he picked a venue in Footscray. What was a surprise however, was how nice the interior of the venue turned out to be:

Seriously, how does a venue in Footscray look like this?! Or rather, how does an ASIAN restaurant in FOOTSCRAY look like this?! (Coming from someone with an asian background, this comment is not meant to be racist or anything..)

Crispy fried wontons with sweet sauce and sesame seed. Oh, and with crispy noodles. Nice crispy texture with not too much oil oozing out with every bite. J had his reservations about this dish but I went ahead and ordered it anyway. I could tell by the way he popped them down one by one that he was really digging the wontons. 

Stuffed chicken wings. J’s entree selection. What sounded intriguing and potentially delicious on paper turned out to be a disappointment. The presentation wasn’t great; a big plate with two pieces of chicken on top of a few wisps of lettuce? The battered exterior tasted bland and did not add anything to the overall taste. The inside looked like chicken mince and not a whole chicken wing. 

J’s main: charcoal grilled chicken on steamed rice. Charcoal grilled chicken sounded more exotic than normal chicken. J probably had the same thoughts as his face fell a little when they presented the dish. For practically the same price, he could have got broken rice with most of what was on this dish AND more! Taste-wise, mediocre. 

Salted and peppered tofu. This was a pleasant surprise. I love my tofu and the only thing that beats normal tofu is silky egg tofu. 

Perfection. The outside was fried to a point that it crumbled when bitten into, giving way to a soft and silky interior. The salt, pepper, spring onion and capsicum flavour went hand in hand with the tofu. The only downside was that silky egg tofu gets quite sickening after eating a little bit. Which is okay I suppose because it satisfied my tofu cravings. 

All in all, I was happy with my selections so this would be a restaurant that is worth returning to. I don’t think J is in the same boat though… Oh well, given the luck he has had on all the other eating adventures we’ve shared, he was bound to hit some rocky waters eventually. 

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Sapa Hills

112 Hopkins St,

Footscray, Victoria, 3011.