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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Big Mama’s

A restaurant with a name such as Big Mamas’s would no doubt get some eyebrow raises. What type of cuisine do they serve? Is that even a restaurant? These were the questions that were running through my mind when I first heard about the restaurant. After making sure that Big Mama’s was indeed a restaurant, a few of the lab members and I made the 5-10 minute trek over. 

Check out the pretty tree on the wall. Oh, and the man who just happened to be looking when I took a snap. 

Complimentary miso soup. 

Complimentary sides. 

BiBimBab - warm white rice topped with sauteed and seasoned vegetables, beef and fried egg. 

All Dr. K had to say about this dish was that it was good. Seeing as I also had the bibimbap, I will elaborate further (see the description for two photos down)

Pork bento box, with side dishes and rice.

N also said his meal was good. Going by appearance, it did indeed look good. And N mentioned that he would come back, so I think that seems to indicate that it was good grub. 

From the few lunch adventures we have been on, it’s clear that many of the lab members are very articulate when it comes to expressing their opinions about their meals haha!

Hotpot BiBimBap - warm white rice topped with sauteed and seasoned vegetables, beef and fried egg, served in a hotpot. 

For an extra $1.50, get your meal scorching hot and your rice on the crispier side. That’s basically the only difference between the bibimbap served in a normal bowl (Dr K’s lunch) and a hotpot bowl. I suppose it also added to the experience and gave the dish a real Korean-y feel. I doused the dish with chilli paste and there I ended up with some good ol’ bibimbap. It tasted like the typical bibimbap you get at other K-restaurants. Considering the cheaper prices here, getting standard-tasting Korean food is a win!

Ten Don - bowl of rice topped with deep fried prawn, vegetables and sweetened soy sauce.

Did I mention they also serve Japanese food here? Well, they do. J.P. had the tempura prawns and vege on rice. If memory serves, the prawns were good and there was too much rice. Mmmm, again going by appearance it does look delish!

So while I did have my doubts about the food served at a restaurant called ‘Big Mama’s’, these thoughts dissipated almost soon after stepping foot into the establishment. Nice venue with a somewhat modern feel. Great aroma coming from the mix of Japanese and Korean food. And finally the most important, good food. Oh, let’s not forget the cheap prices as well! GREAT for uni students! This one is definitely a keeper.

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Big Mama’s

466 Swanston St,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3053