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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Streat

Thursday 27th October 2011.

In times when the food at union house no longer appeal to your appetite, change regardless of whether it’s good or bad is always welcome.  Which is why I feel excitement when a new lunch option becomes available at uni. I’m not sure when it happened but the Streat food cart is currently located at the North Court of Melb University’s Union House. They offer 4 different gourmet sandwich varieties at $8.50 a pop and 100% of their profits go towards training young people who have been homeless or are at risk of it. Their motto neatly sums up their mission: 

"Stop homelessness the delicious way."

After trying one of their sandwiches, the ‘delicious way’ is definitely no exaggeration.

I love their use of the crates. I feel that it is not only a reflection of creativity but also of the resourceful nature that some of the homeless exhibit. 

San choi bao chicken with sesame & soy mayonnaise. 

When in doubt, I usually go for the chicken option. I was a little bit hesitant this time around because East meets West in a bun could be touch and go. However I ordered it anyway and was super duper glad that I did. It could very well be the BEST sandwich I have tried to date. So delicious. The mayonnaise went surprisingly well with the Asian-flavoured umami-ness of the chicken. Yum!! The sandwich also looks small but it was in fact very filling. I couldn’t finish it but couldn’t bring myself to throw away such deliciousness and so I kept it for afternoon tea. Food poisoning risk be damned. 

Spanish slow roasted beef with romesco sauce, parsley and manzanilla olives. 

Dr. K’s lunch. She wasn’t the biggest fan of this sandwich as the beef tasted as though it was boiled. Fair enough, I don’t think boiled beef sounds very much appealing…

A few days after the first visit, I went back again for another chicken sandwich. Just as delicious the second time around, so it wasn’t a one-off! I’m only sad that I didn’t find out about this place sooner. To think, I was depriving myself for so long…

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North Court, Union House

University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, 3052.