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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Switch Lifestyle

Wednesday 12th October 2011.

I’m a westsider and I must admit that I am a little late to jump on the Switch Lifestyle wagon. My sister was raving about the pizzas at this restaurant, so I decided to go some time soon-ish. I never realised it was right there at Watergardens. I decided to take J here because of his love for pizzas. The boy seems to always want pizza.

Being my first time here, I was surprised to see a lounge area, a large dining area AND an outdoor dining area. For a Wednesday night, the number of people who were here was impressive. Few numbers in such a large venue would be strikingly evident but they seem to be doing quite well. The atmosphere was very lively. 

A half and half pizza - herb chicken (napoli, mozzarella, shaved herb marinated chicken breast, provelone cheese, chilli flakes & onion) and hawaiian. 

I was quite happy with the herb chicken. I had expected either dry and overcooked chicken or crappy deli-quality chicken but it was quite nice. I also liked the mild chilli-ness. The hawaiian was standard. So while there weren’t any complaints about it from either of us, $20 is probably a bit steep for pizza…

Switch’s wok style paella - with prawns, chicken, chorizo sausage, calamari, onion, olive, ‘muscles’ (hahahaha! that’s what it said on the menu..), peas, semi-dried tomatoes & spring onion on saffron, jasmine rice and chilli. 

We thought we’d try something new and oh, how that likes to bite me in the ass almost every single time. I’m not sure what paella should taste like but if this dish is indeed representative of how it should taste, I’m not a happy camper. The rice was bland and I was practically heaping on the pepper. And still, it was bland. Over half of it remained untouched.

A side of roti. I thought we’d need it to eat with/soak up the ‘sauces’ of the paella. Clearly I had no idea what paella was haha!

I remain undecided about this restaurant. I definitely wouldn’t order the paella again. The pizza was good but probably not worth the price. However the basis for my return would be that there were quite a few other selections that caught my eye. A lot of the dishes they whipped up also looked great (the perks of being seated near the kitchen area!) I suppose I shall have to see…

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Switch Lifestyle Watergardens

Watergardens Town Centre,

399 Melton Highway, 

Taylors Lake, Victoria, 3038.