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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ El Burro

Saturday 1st October 2011. 

J and I decided to explore some eateries a little closer to home… Well his home anyway… We found ourselves in Williamstown headed to a tapas place El Burro. The restaurant was quite small but exuded a comfortable cosy feel (yeah, I didn’t feel comfortable pulling out my camera to take a snap of the venue’s interior). 

Aceitunas - marinated olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke & roasted red peppers with roasted garlic.

The olives and sun dried tomatoes were a bit too salty for my liking. The rest tasted okay. The bread that accompanied the dish tasted superb though so I think I’d order this dish again just for the bread.  

Albondigas - Spanish meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce. 

As soon as I saw this dish, my stomach rumbled in approval and and anticipation. The dish did not disappoint. The rich tomato taste combined with a touch of spiciness added to the aromatic herb-y taste of the meatballs. There was so much flavour in the dish that I had to eat it with the bread from the first dish. Yum. 

Bravas - crispy potato in a spicy tomato sauce.

The Spanish version of wedges. Good to eat if you’re hungry. Very crisp on the outside. In regards to the flavour, it was not too impressive, considering the very same spicy tomato sauce in the above dish was also used in this one. 

Arancini - pesto and parmesan risotto rice balls served with aioli.

Another delicious dish. The outside was crumbed to perfection. The inside was flavoursome to an extent that did not get sickening. 

Cerdo - confit pork belly with crispy crackling & pear chutney.

If I wasn’t sick of pork belly before, I am now. I wasn’t a fan of this dish. The crackling wasn’t that crispy and the meat had that overpowering pork aroma… J liked the pear chutney. It came across as odd to me though because I almost always find that sweet and savoury don’t go well together. 


We managed to squeeze in a little bit of dessert afterwards at a nearby cafe. Chocolate pudding cake. A tad too decadent. 

They had macarons here as well!!!

I remember it was ONLY a few months back that I had walked up and down this road in hunt of some macarons to satisfy my cravings. And they were no where to be seen. It’s official. Macarons are now everywhere. Actually, almost everywhere. I’m waiting for the day that they appear at some Asian bakery in St Albans… 

Anyway, it seems I have deviated from the original topic. El Burro, an excellent Tapas restaurant. Will definitely come back. Heads up: $8 for all Tapas selections from 12pm to 4pm on weekend days! 

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El Burro

209 Nelson Place.

Williamstown, Victoria, 3016.