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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Ma’s Dumpling Den

As I mentioned in one of my other posts, I met up with K on Wednesday afternoon for a ‘small’ afternoon bite (it turned out to be more substantial than intended!) K took me to a restaurant that opened quite recently. It also happens to be another eatery that’s walking distance from uni. 

The interior was quite cosy and simple. But simple is a nice change. I also noticed that the place isn’t too big and it’s easy to see why this place would fill up during lunch time!

Fried pork dumplings with chilli oil.

Now, I’m a hugeeeee Shanghai Village dumpling fan so I was going in with some bias. To date, there has been no other that does dumplings just the way Shanghai Village does. Until I came to Dumpling Den. Their dumplings are definitely on par with the dumplings you get at Shanghai Village. That’s saying a lot!

(Disclaimer: I may have been very VERY hungry at the time so that might have some thing to do with the dumplings tasting super awesome BUT the place does fill up every single lunch time so they must be doing something right!)  

Very nice crispy outside. 

Xiao Long Baos.

The first and last time I had these was a few years back in the land of dumplings itself, China. And they were GOOD. So so delicious. These ones paled in comparison but that’s not really surprising. They weren’t bad. I was bracing myself for the soup to trickle down with my first bite but it didn’t happen. I suppose I should be glad that I didn’t get any soup on myself (yes, that happened to me in China…)

Close up of the dumpling. See that crispy layer? Delicious.

So Dumpling Den is the place to be at if you’re at uni jonesing for some seriously good dumplings. It’s also the place to be if you’re jonesing for some good food in general that’s close by! I really love the fact that it’s close by to uni! It’s getting late so I can’t be bothered proof reading this post but I have a feeling that I’ve used delicious and some of it’s synonym a tad too many times… Can’t help it, they really were that good!

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Ma’s Dumpling Den

88 Grattan St.

Carlton, Victoria, 3053